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Grow in a high pH Level

Spirulina can be located in marshes, brackish water, thermal springs, sea water and even in soil. As per reports saline or alkaline water that showcases a high pH level are producers of good quality Spirulina, especially those areas that get high level of solar radiations.

Spirulina has been identified to contain health benefits and have been seen as a prospect for food security in the years to come, in addition to this, spirulina has also been identified to fight malnutrition. However, this is just the tip of the ice berg covering the potential benefits if Spirulina.

The study of spirulina has come a long way, there are multiple researches that have showcased positive results of usage of this supplement. As per some of the studies this algae portrays anti-cancer properties, from their studies on animals they identified that with the usage of few grams of spirulina every day the chances of cancerous tum or or cancer can be

minimized exponentially.

The researches showcase a very strong case for Spirulina. Spirulina can be identified as one of the most promising food where it highly likely fight problems like high blood pressure, diabetes as well as cancer.


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